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Everything Happens for a Reason

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Maybe it happens because you are deserving of the action or event. Maybe it happens because you are a sweet, loving, and genuinely kind individual. Maybe it happens because you are unfocused. React Accordingly~

If all else always have your dog.

“I watch these internet sensations composed of random house wives making it big by speaking the reality of my everyday life. I sit at the local Starbucks, by myself, and listen to women laughing and gossiping, and I wonder what is wrong with me?"

Everything Happens for a Reason

I believe we end up exactly where we belong. I believe in faith and hope, and that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes those reasons are because I am stupid, but sometimes things just happen, and a higher calling takes over.

Daily I question life, the why. My mind overtakes itself and I try to truly understand…to empathize with others and I make a genuine effort to demonstrate appreciation for the life I’ve been given.

Here is an example of my genuine effort blowing up in my face~

I sit at the local Starbucks, by myself, and listen to women laughing and gossiping, and I wonder what is wrong with me? In the same environment, I often glance to another lonely woman and I wonder what her story is? I want to reach out to her and ask if she wants to be my friend, but how awkward is that? Especially if she declines. I reached out today. I asked someone sitting alone if she was interested in being my friend. I felt God compelled me to do so. She responded lovingly and asked to meet me back at Starbucks the next morning. She too is lonely and could use a friend. She ended our introduction in prayer, asking God to guide this friendship if compatible. Everything happens for a reason.

She didn’t call. Even the lonely lady at Starbucks denied me friendship. Now what?

This is what...pick yourself back up silly. It is true, finding adult friends later in life is a struggle...can anybody say High School? It does eventually pan out. I spend some real time soul searching after this experience, and it wasn't the first let down in the friends category. So much like in other facets of my life, I began focusing more on me. I had to make myself happy. I still longingly stare and smile at the pictures of those of you with lifelong friendships on social media. I wish I had that, but I can say that once I began focusing on myself and my own personal happiness, my friendships flourished. I became more available...more open to new ideas and adventures. Ironically, I met one of my good friends at Starbucks several weeks after the experience shared above. I couldn't be more blessed with friends who I regard as family.

It is true, your (my) happiness is up to you (me)~



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