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Living My Best Life

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

What does it mean to live my best life? Health, love, and laughter...oh, and dogs.

21 years of fighting, loving, and making it work~

"What seemed like pure and complete Hell for several years of my life has transitioned in to a wonderful existence for me and my family, both physically and spiritually."

Living My Best Life

I am truly living my best life.

I have spent so much unnecessary time arguing, worrying, and hiding behind a mask of what I think others want out of a daughter, mother, wife, daughter-in-law, and friend, instead of focusing on how others should perceive me...for me!

It is true, many of my life "choices" were not my own, but I have always believed that God has the final say and he knows why the job change or the move is necessary; how to fight through sadness, loneliness, and often pain. What seemed like pure and complete Hell for several years of my life has transitioned in to a wonderful existence for me and my family, both physically and spiritually.

I have experienced so much in my 43 years: love, loss, heartache, happiness, depression, and the list is virtually infinite. Isn't that the same for you?

Because of these experiences, the sum of who we are, I have learned one incredibly valuable lesson: Live in the moment!

I can truly say that I wake with the birds and go to sleep soon after the sun sets. I make a genuine effort to pause several times a day and do nothing more than enjoy the beauty around me: nature, my family, the blessing of my home, the stillness of the morning with a fresh cup of coffee, the sun rising and setting, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore on the bay. These gifts and God's landscape have been generously offered to me each and every day...even on the rainy, cloudy, dark days, and if I can find joy in each day and each experience, I know I am creating an environment for my family to likewise live their best life.

Final thought: If you do not like your life...any part of it...change it. Before you go out an make drastic changes though, think about why you are unsatisfied? Are you failing to appreciate what you have, or are you truly miserable because of a circumstance in need of altering? My suggestion is to allow this to be your guide. I admit, my attitude was not always this transparent. Life experiences and personal choices put me in a horrible funk, but spending time feeling sorry for myself never fixed a thing. So I stood up, looked around, and began to realize that my life, and the quality of it, is up to me, and I couldn't be happier as a result of this.

Look for joy in every day. Give thanks for the joy, and pay it forward.

Go Live your best life~



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